We provide computer support for residents in the West to Mid Cornwall area. Our aim is to provide a quality service and when it isn’t possible to bring your poorly PC to our drop in centre we aim to get a support technician to you within 48 hrs. When you make the call we will try and arrange a time that suits you and we’ll stick to it.

Unsure about what computer or laptop will fulfil your needs? Why not visit our drop-in clinic and ask one of our engineers – they aren’t on a commission for each sale and won’t attempt to sell you a 'Super Computer' when all you want to do is surf the web or send an email!

We can offer home users the following services

computer crash

Computer crashes

Computer crashes can be frustrating at the best of times and always happen while you’re doing something really important! We can help diagnose the problem and restore the relationship with your computer to a healthy status!

slow-computer2Computer slowing down

Over a period of time most computers slow down to varying degrees and display symptoms such as lengthy startup & program launch times. Our technicians can service your computer and advise on regular maintenance or upgrade options to keep it working efficiently.


Data Backup

Data Backups are the most important thing in modern computer use. Consider how many of your documents, pictures or any other digital content that you have on your computer you could happily live without in the event of a complete system failure – it probably isn’t much. Our team can help recommend rock solid equipment and practices to protect your valuable data in the event of an emergency.


Data recovery

If you have accidentally deleted something or have suffered a hardware failure, we can help. With various tools at our disposal we can recover most data if it hasn’t been corrupted. If it is a more serious failure of a hard drive we can arrange for the data to be recovered in a specialised facility.


Disaster recovery

In the unhappy event that your computer equipment has suffered a major catastrophe, we can help you pick up the pieces. Using our skills, equipment and strong links with top tier providers and suppliers we’ll have you back on track in no time!


General maintenance

Our engineers can carry out general maintenance and “housekeeping” on your computer systems to keep them running at their optimum performance. They will also advise on best practices to keep them that way.


Hard drive replacement

If your old hard drive is faulty, full or you just need some additional storage we can replace it with new and configure it for optimum performance. Storage has become relatively cheap which has made it more convenient with regards to “hoarding” more pictures, documents and music! Give us a call for options and pricing.


Hardware installation issues & Upgrades

If you have some new equipment that you have installed which just doesn’t seem to want to work – give us a call and our team of local engineers will do their best to advise and help you. We carry out all manner of upgrades and hardware replacement from hard drives, memory and all other internal components to replacement peripherals from all of the planet's top vendors.


Virus & Malware Detection/Removal

Viruses and malicious software are an all too common part of everyday digital life and at best can take the form of an annoying pop-up and at worst can give intruders access to personal data on your computer. We have many years of experience in detecting and removing these annoyances and can give you access to cutting edge, reliable protection software and advice on best practices.


Data Transfer & Customisation

If you have bought a new computer and simply want to transfer your existing data to your shiny new machine without the hassle of doing it yourself – we can do it for you at very reasonable rates! Hand in hand with our data transfer services we can customize your new computer desktop to look the way you want it and also set it up the way You want.


PC Wipe & Reinstall

After a while your computer may become less responsive than it was when new, being cluttered with old programs and data that you don’t need or use any more. Rather than buy new it often helps to give the computer a “spring clean” by backing up all the data that you want to keep and reinstalling the operating system from scratch.


Networks (Wireless / Wired)

The networking skills we use daily with our Business clients roll over into the support and advice we can offer our Home users. Our engineers are experts in both wired and wireless environments and can offer advice and access to world leading vendors of cutting edge equipment.