Our Pricing

Please find below our pricing for repairs. This is not an exhaustive list of charges but a list of the most common repairs and pricing. We offer a wide range of repairs on a variety of computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other devices. If you're not sure at all, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to quote for any repair work.

We also offer a service to build custom computers for a variety of applications including Gaming, 3D Modelling and running bespoke software to name just a few. Pricing for which depends on requirements and we will provide a full quote if you would like to have a PC custom built. Please note that we do not custom build laptops and we recommend sticking to well-established brands for laptops.

Pricing Table

Rates No Fix – No Fee*
Workshop Labour Charge £50 (per hour)
On site Callout Charge From £20
On Site Labour Charge £50 (per hour)
System Reload Supported OS (Windows 10) £60
System Reload Extended Support OS (Windows 8.1) £70
System Reload End of Life Legacy OS (Windows 7 / Windows Vista + Below) £85
System Reload Basic Backup and data transfer £15
System Reload Complex Backup and data transfer From £30
Service, Virus Checkup + Removal £45
Advanced Data Recovery From £55**
Insurance Report £40
Custom PCs Available Please request a quote
Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Please request a quote

* No Fix, No Fee applies to any issue whereby we cannot offer a solution. If a solution is refused a standard charge of £25 will apply. – Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

**Data Recovery Prices should be taken as a guideline and not an indicator of final cost. Prices are quoted on an individual basis and will change depending on complexity. In the event we cannot recover data, we will offer to send the hard drive to a data recovery specialist at the cost of postage.